For Solicitors

Be the holistic adviser your clients need

We understand how important your clients are to you and how much you care that they get the right advice from the right professional.

Use RQ to forge deeper working relationships with your clients and stay the centre of their professional world, for longer.


Seamless collaboration with financial planners


RQ enables you to identify when your client would benefit from financial planning support.

Our diagnostic tools give you the confidence to unearth your clients’ financial needs, with ease.

RQ integrates with your existing processes and workflows.


Connect with trusted financial planners.

RQ’s rigorous and on-going due diligence provides an objective means of comparing prospective financial planning partners.

Our vetted community empowers you to find and build a panel of independent, client-centric professionals you can trust and collaborate with.


RQ’s referral management system drives transparency and gives you full visibility of the client journey. Our platform facilitates you to provide a consistent, firm-wide approach to helping clients with their personal finances.

When you introduce a client using the RQ platform, you remain in control and are always kept up to date.


The SRA’s rules for referral can be confusing and complex.

RQ’s platform ensures a compliant and consistent firm-wide referral process, giving peace of mind that you are acting professionally and within your professional codes.