The ratings and reports produced by us (RQ Ratings Limited) should be used as a background guide only and are statements of opinion, not fact. They have been produced by us following initial due diligence carried out on the financial adviser and are updated monthly following ongoing monitoring.

The ratings and reports focus on the financial adviser’s client proposition; their internal structures and governance which underpin and facilitate the delivery of services and advice to clients; their trading and regulatory history and their financial soundness (by reference to their management and public accounts).

RQ Ratings Limited does not assess or consider the quality of each firm’s advice on individual client files or their investment track record.

Although we have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that the ratings and reports produced by us are accurate and up-to-date, neither the ratings nor the reports guarantee the quality of advice or investment outcomes for any particular client of the firm, and we cannot and do not accept any responsibility (to the fullest extent permissible by law) for any loss and/or damage sustained as a result of your reliance on either the content of the reports and/or the ratings. The ratings and the reports do not comprise a recommendation to use (or not) a particular firm, nor do they comprise investment advice.