What’s the difference between an OK Financial Planner and a great Financial Planner?

Their RQ Rating.

The new home for Financial
Planners and their Referral

Up until now there hasn’t been a way to objectively assess the quality and credibility of a Financial Planning firm. We’re on a mission to change that.

Our unique, tech-enabled Due Diligence and Rating system means we can assess, monitor and continuously promote the UK’s best Financial Planners.

For Referrers

Do right by your clients.
Refer a Financial Planner with
confidence. And it’s free.

Does your firm have a process for vetting and monitoring your referral partners? When you introduce a client to a Financial Planner, are you confident you are referring them to THE most appropriate firm? Are you certain that the manner in which you refer them is in-keeping with your obligations to the ICAEW, SRA or FCA?

RQ’s Due Diligence and ongoing monitoring service helps you refer high quality Financial Planners to your clients with confidence and total peace of mind.

Find out how the best law and accounting firms use RQ.

For Financial Planners

Build better referral relationships
and secure more clients.

Having an RQ certification will make your company stand out. It is a kitemark of quality that will strengthen your existing referral partnerships and build new ones.

By becoming RQ certified you position yourselves as a go-to Financial Planning firm for new client referrals.

How RQ Works

Data + real world expertise =
better decision making.

RQ combines proprietary data sources and rigorous external data checks to build up a multidimensional view of a Financial Planning firm’s capabilities and credibility. You have never had access to anything like RQ before, which is why the most regular question we hear is “how come this doesn’t exist already?”.

See what RQ can do for your business today.


It’s who we are and what we do.

Our service was created in collaboration with Financial Planners, Equity and Credit Analysts, Solicitors and Accountants, who all use RQ to achieve better outcomes.

“Financial Planning client referrals has been murky and ill-defined for far too long and clients are ultimately the ones who suffer. RQ offers a better way to refer a client to a Financial Planner and the best Planning firms agree with us.” Johnny Ridd, CEO of RQ

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