Your client's problems & opportunities don’t exist in silos

RQ powers seamless collaboration between like-minded professionals

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Built for professionals


For accountants

Increase your role as a trusted confidant with a more relevant and holistic offering. Collaborate with other leading professionals in a compliant way to generate new revenue opportunities and future-proof your firm.

For financial planners

Put professional referrals at the heart of your growth strategy. Overcome the barriers to collaboration, tap into the valuable networks of your professional partners, and give yourself a competitive advantage.

For solicitors

Help your clients access comprehensive, high quality advice that is best for them. Become a trusted advisor to your clients with meaningful referrals in compliance with SRA guidelines.

RQ platform features

beta-image Diagnostic tools-image
Diagnostic tools

Identify clients in need of support with their personal finances. Empower colleagues to have easier, more substantive and engaging client conversations.

Adviser due diligence-image
Adviser due diligence

Leverage RQ’s in-depth due diligence to identify which firms you can trust, rely on and are well-suited to working with you, your firm and your clients.

Adviser community-image
Adviser community

Explore our vetted community of trusted professionals and collaborate with confidence.

Panel management-image
Panel management

Easily manage and develop your panel of professional connections with firm-wide, roles-based permissions.

Client introduction-image
Client introduction

Seamlessly make client introductions through RQ, ensuring compliance and a professional client experience every time.

Case management-image
Case management

Engage with other professionals around a given client. Effortlessly remain in the loop and up to date on progress.

beta-image RQ Partnerships-image
RQ Partnerships

Unlock commercial value through our easy to implement, 100% compliant commercial partnerships.


Firm-wide visibility of collaboration activity with DPB and other regulatory reporting at the touch of a button.